Wake - Lisa McMann Janie is a normal child until she starts visiting people’s dreams. This new ability affects her life, as in school many people fall asleep during boring classes and in the library. She also fears class trips and sleepovers and is nervous about having to drive. Finding herself in a dream while she’s driving could be very dangerous.

Janie feels lonely because she can’t tell anybody about what is happening to her and she can’t tell her mother, the only family she has, anything in general because she is usually drunk or sleeping. Basically, her life is not very good.

This changes throughout the book. Janie finds out more about her power with the help of a new friend and learns how to use it to help people.

Wake is the first book of a trilogy, so most of this book is probably an introduction to the trilogy. I say probably because I haven’t read the other two books yet but this is how Wake sounded to me. There is more mystery than action and the plot moves ahead without rushing the answers but also without there being many situations other than the everyday life of an almost normal high school girl: classes, friends, boys and a job to be able to go to college. At the end it is hinted that this is going to change, but saying more about this would be spoiling the end.

Each chapter is divided in many small parts with a date and a time as a title of each part. You can usually skip these second titles (I don’t think it really matters if it is 9, 10 or 11 am) though they are useful at the beginning of the book. The first chapter tells Janie’s childhood until high school, so knowing the year is necessary.

If you’re expecting great action and danger you won’t find them here. This book is just the normal high school life with mysterious dreams added. It gets better towards the end and it looks like the next two books are going to be much more interesting.