The Gladiator

The Gladiator - Simon Scarrow 3.5 stars

Big warning about spoilers: Don't look at the titles of the rest of the series before you finish this book or you'll be able to guess the big reveal at the end very easily. It is predictable anyway, but still.

This is the kind of book that would have been much more believable if Marcus, the main character, had been two years older. His age works at first, because he still has a lot of childhood innocence and believes that people will believe him if he tells the truth and that people will fight for what is right. However, as soon as loses that, he starts behaving in a much more mature way, a way that is a bit too mature for a boy who just turned eleven.

Even though most of the plot was predictable and unsurprising, this book is written in a way that kept me reading until I reached the last page and left me wanting to read the rest of the series.