Burn Notice: The End Game

Burn Notice: The End Game - Tod Goldberg The End Game is the second novel about Burn Notice. This case is a bit more complex than those seen on tv and the plot requires you to pay attention. Otherwise, you may miss some clues and the explanations may not make sense or you may not notice how Michel solves the case. This doesn’t mean that the plot is difficult to follow; only that half reading and half watching tv is probably not the best idea.

Although there is a bit of information about the characters, it is better to be familiar with the tv show. It is possible to read this book and understand what happens before watching the series, as we’re told some basic things about Michael and his friends. You’ll enjoy it more if you have watched at least a few episodes, though.

The characterization is spot-on. Tod Goldberg nails the dialogues of Michael, Fiona and Sam. You can almost hear them talk.

The author successfully writes a serious and funny story. The spy advice and Michael’s sarcastic thoughts had me grinning most of the time.

All in all, a great book for all the fans of Burn Notice.