Theodore Boone: El acusado #3 / Theodore Boone: The Accused #3

Theodore Boone: El acusado #3 / Theodore Boone: The Accused #3 - John Grisham While this book is definitely much more interesting than the last one and Theo was less annoying, there were a few things that bothered me, which is why I didn't give the book three stars.

The plot is ok and the mystery is much better than the one in book two. Also, Theo's behaviour is much more appropriate for his age and his investigation is much more believable. It also has the advantage that the crime in this book is smaller compared to The Abduction. I found it quite funny to see how he's all "innocent until proven guilty" at the beginning of the book and then, when he's the one in trouble being accused of a crime that he didn't commit, he's very sure of who is guilty, before he has any proof.

What bothered me was how Theo and his family make the list of suspects. First of all, Theo's parents lack a lot of imagination if they can't imagine a girl throwing a stone at a window or stabbing bike tires. Not all girls are innocent angels. Sure, the culprit turns out to be a boy, but other than a comment from Theo, where he says that there are a few girls in his school who would be capable of that, nobody even entertains the possibility of the guilty person being a girl.

Then there's Theo and his profiling of his boy scouts mates. I can see why he takes his friends and people who have always been nice to everybody off the suspect list, but he makes a huge mistake that is never addressed. He assumes that a boy is innocent, just because his parents are a doctor and a dentist, and thinks that another boy is a suspect, just because he is quiet, has a bad family background, has long hair and listens to heavy metal.