The Doctor Trap (Doctor Who

The Doctor Trap (Doctor Who - Simon Messingham As it happens with other Doctor Who books that belong to the new series, some knowledge of the characters is required to fully understand what is happening and the characters’ behaviour may seem a bit odd otherwise. But this doesn’t mean that readers who have never watched an episode won’t understand the plot.
The Doctor and Donna, two time travellers, land once again on a foreign planet where they split up while trying to help some people. They wake up alone on a completely different place: Donna is a guest in a hotel that is not as peaceful as it looks and the Doctor is being chased by several people he has never met before and he does not know why.

The person responsible for their situation is Sebastiene, a man who hides a secret he himself is unaware of, but can change everybody’s lives. Sebastiene is a hunter who wants to be the one who kills a Time Lord.

The Doctor and Donna have to find each other before Sebastiene kills the Time Lord...

Although these books can be read by people of all ages, the plot may seem to be confusing to younger readers. It is a very good plot and everything is explained in the end, but younger readers may find it difficult to notice the little details that lead to the explanation.

The thing that is confusing is that there are two Doctors; one is real and the other is just a boy who wanted to be the Doctor and who now looks like him. Neither of them know at first if they are the real Doctor and the reader faces the same problem, as some of the chapters focus on one Doctor and others, on the other one. But it is not until close to the end that the reader and the real Doctor learn who is the Doctor and who is just a boy who wants to live his dream.

This plot is very well written. Enough things are hinted so that readers think they know who the real Doctor is but also there are at the same time enough clues to make them doubt of the identity of who they think is the real Doctor. This happens with both Doctors.

It is a great Doctor Who novel that successfully challenges the readers' attention!