Doctor Who: Made Of Steel

Doctor Who: Made Of Steel - Terrance Dicks 2,5 stars.

The book was ok, but the lack of pages affected the story. It's a Quick Read, so the story is supposed to be short, but while this worked more or less well in the other Quick Reads, it didn't work that well in Made of Steel.

If Martha and the Doctor had been together for the whole story, the detective work might have worked out better. However, the fact that they're not together for about half the story, the subplots that don't add much to the story and the long introduction (long compared to the rest of the book) didn't leave enough pages to develop the main plot.

The positive point is that the Doctor seems to be in character if you've watched the show and can imagine his voice. This wasn't the case with Martha though. She is smarter in the show. She wouldn't have survived that year alone if she had behaved in the way that she does in this story.

It's entertaining and ok for fans of the show and this companion, but if you just want to read a short Doctor Who book, I would recommend any of the other Quick Reads.