Doctor Who: The Colour of Darkness

Doctor Who: The Colour of Darkness - Richard Dungworth Re-read in 2015. 2,5 stars.

Of the first three Darksmith Legacy books, this one was the slowest. However, this is not a series of books that is easy to review one by one, because I'm enjoying the series as a whole, but I didn't like this specific book. The information about the general plot is not as big as you may think, as the Darksmiths don't know that much about the crystal and the one Darksmith who does (the one who created the crystal), is missing.

The adventure of this book didn't have as much mystery as the ones of the previous two books. The kids of a group of people are missing, because a woman conned these people into giving them to her. It's also very easy to figure out what the woman did and why only one person didn't fall into her trap. While a child may find it much more mysterious, from the point of view of an adult, the only interesting part is that the Doctor uses his screwdriver as a pen drive to get information of a computer-like book that the Darksmiths haven't managed to open. We don't get to see what this information is in this book though, because the Doctor is busy rescuing the children.