Paranormalcy - Kiersten White Evie is a teenager who works for IPCA, the International Paranormal Containment Agency. This agency catalogues and keeps track of paranormals (vampires, werewolves, faeries...). She has an advantage over the other workers as she can see through glamours.

Her life changes when she meets Lend, a shape-shifter, and finds out she is related to a mysterious creature that is killing paranormals.

I had read so many good reviews about Paranormalcy, that I had to check it out. I wasn’t disappointed and I would recommend it to all the people who like this genre.

One of the reasons why I liked this book so much is the main character. Evie fights against vampires and werewolves, but she is a normal teenage girl who likes to go shopping and watch tv series and who forgets to do her homework. She is not a perfect super-heroine, but a girl that could be in any high school class.

We see the events through Evie’s eyes and at first she doesn’t know much more than the reader. Evie thinks that she is just one more normal person in the IPCA and that she has just an advantage over the other workers. Her surprise and questions are understandable when she finds out that she is not just one more worker but a paranormal of a very high level. She starts to question her whole life and her relationship with IPCA and the chief, Raquel, who has been like a mother to her.

Evie’s view of the world changes drastically when she meets Lend’s family. Their view of paranormals is completely different from the one of IPCA. Most paranormals are just as normal as any human when given a chance. They have feelings and can love, feel sad and enjoy tv series. Like everybody. They are not a threat to humans.

Paranormalcy is a great story that shows that people, no matter how different, are just people.