Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer

Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer - John Grisham, Richard Thomas Theo Boone is a 13 year old boy who dreams with being a lawyer or a judge. He is a normal teenager who helps his class mates with small things, like suggesting who to go to if they’re in trouble.

One day, he is given some information that could change the outcome of the biggest murder trial in his town.

The main character, Theo Boone, is a normal 13 year old boy. He goes to school and he doesn’t like all his classes and thinks his time would be better spent somewhere else. Theo is believable and could be any kid you know. He doesn’t understand why boys are weird around girls until he helps a girl he likes and knows that sometimes there are things he needs help with. Specifically help from an adult.

This last thing is very important as it creates an inner conflict for Theo. He has to decide whether he tells somebody this new information (this could get an innocent person in trouble) or keeps a promise (he promised not to tell anybody but he thinks this new information should be known).

One think I liked about this book is that it explains how trials work and what happens or doesn’t happen. This will be a great help, not only for young people, but for anybody who, like me, is not familiar with the US legal system.

I loved this book so much, that it was very difficult for me to find a negative aspect, although one thing I should mention is that this book is aimed at young readers and told from the point of view of a 13 year old. I don’t think it is really a negative thing but some people may not like this.

Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer is Grisham’s first YA book, but he succeeds in creating a story you won’t want to stop reading.