Doctor Who: The Dust of Ages

Doctor Who: The Dust of Ages - Justin Richards The plot of this book is very similar to the tv episodes. Fast-moving and not too long. It is important to know that this is the first book of a series of ten, so there are more questions than answers. You can think of the ten books like a tv season where each book is one episode: each book has it’s own small plot, but you need to read all the books in the series to get all the answers to the mystery of the Darksmiths and the crystal.

There is not much character development or description and if you haven’t watched the tv series or don’t know anything about The Doctor it might be difficult to understand who he is. We don’t get much information about the other characters either, so it’s not easy to imagine them.

But if you know who the Tenth Doctor is, you’ll like it, because he is very “in character”; you can imagine him behaving as he does here.

Children will enjoy reading this book, as it also has some activities like logic puzzles (for example finding the correct key to open a door). Although they are rather easy to solve I found it nice to see if I got them right.

This is a great book if you don’t have much time or just want a quick read. It is fast-moving and it can be read in a little more than one hour.