Time Voyage (Return to Titanic)

Time Voyage (Return to Titanic) - Steve Brezenoff This is the first book in the series “Return to Titanic” and the first half of the book can be understood as an introduction to the whole series. It might be a bit slow if you compare it with the second half, but it is important to understand what leads the kids to travel back in time and how it happens.

Although there is not much character development, this doesn’t mean there aren’t any round characters.

We can see how much the situation is affecting Tucker and Maya. It is understandable. When they travel to the past and meet some people who will board the Titanic, they stop being numbers on a list in History books and become real people they want to save. The kids realize they can’t save everybody, as it would change History, but they want to save a boy they’ve met. It is well portrayed how frustrating it is for them to try to explain how they know the ship is going to sink because nobody believes them.

There are some pictures every few pages. They are well drawn and although they don’t add much to the story if you’re an adult, they’ll help children understand everything better as they show, among other things, the Titanic and how people dressed in 1912.

There is also information about the Titanic and the society of that time in the conversations between the different characters. Enough to understand the story, but not too much, so that children won’t get bored.

This is a great read which I recommend to any fans of time travel. It will leave you wanting to read the rest of the series.