Viral - James Lilliefors Charles and Jon are very different at the beginning of the book. Charles is a former CIA operative and is used to living looking over his shoulder. Jon is an average journalist who leads a normal and quiet life until his brother sends him information and the task to write an article about what he (Charles) is working on.

Throughout the book we see how Jon changes from a person with a normal life to somebody who impresses Charles and his team.

This is a great thriller, one of the best I’ve read recently; slow at first, but with lots of action and explosions in the end.

Sometimes it may be a bit difficult to understand if you are not familiar with genetics or molecular biology. This knowledge is not really necessary to follow the story, as terms like plasmids are explained in a basic way, but it helps a lot if you want to fully understand all the problems.

You have to pay attention while you read, because there are many characters and all are important. If you don’t know who they are, you might miss something. I didn’t think it was difficult to remember all the characters. All have a story and are not just some names in a small scene.

You can also learn things that might be useful (or just funny). Charlie uses several ways to code messages, so that the bad guys don’t know what he’s telling his brother. If you ever want to code a message like Charlie and Jon do, all the information is within the pages of this book. The methods are explained in a way everybody can understand and the messages Jon gets are used as examples: you see all the steps to decode the secret mail.

All in all, a great thriller I recommend to everybody who likes conspiracies about biological weapons.