The Guards

The Guards - Ken Bruen Jack Taylor is a rather depressing character and everything you don’t want in a police officer, although he’s not with the police anymore. He drinks a lot, takes drugs and is violent. The longest he’s sober in this novel are 13 days, twelve of them in a rehab centre.

Even if you disregard all this things, his life is still pretty bad. All the people he cares about are either dead or die during the novel or leave him for someone else.

Although the character is less than ideal, the writing is good. Ken Bruen manages to get the reader to see everything without extremely long descriptions. He uses enough words to make you understand how all the places are (city, pubs, streets...), but nothing is long enough to be boring.

The story is interesting enough to be read even if you don’t like the character too much... until you find out how it ends. The main problem I had with the ending is that the case solves itself. Jack doesn’t really do much, other than nagging a few people. The case is great and the progress Jack makes is very good, considering that he has close to no resources, but the ending was disappointing.