The Devil's Highway

The Devil's Highway - R. Scott Douglas Bobby and Frank are interesting characters; neither is what they told the other they are and both are hiding a dangerous secret. Throughout the book we learn that they are morally ambiguous characters.

Only very few things about these characters are revealed at the same time until the moment when the whole truth is shown. It is done in a good way and leaves the reader wondering who they are, because the small clues can point in several directions (good, bad or neither).

I won’t say what happens with the chupacabra because I would be spoiling the mystery, but there is an explanation for the enigmatic creature that makes sense.

This book is different to most thriller / adventure novels at first. There is no clear main character or group, although Bobby and Frank appear in more pages. We have a few people who are all important for the development of the story (some are not so important at the beginning, but they become very important later). At the middle of the novel this changes and two main groups are formed. At this point it becomes clear who the good guys and who the bad guys are.

While the first few chapters might be a bit slow, the rest of the plot is fast-paced and full of bullets. You will want to continue reading to find out more.