The Lost Colony

The Lost Colony - Eoin Colfer Even though this book is more focused on the demon (who will later be important in the next book) than Artemis, we can see how the boy and Holly are now best friends. A complete change if you compare it with the first book. There is one interesting thing about Artemis in this novel though. He’s a teenager now and has to deal with feelings for girls he doesn’t completely understand and tries to rationalize. It doesn’t help that the second party is a teenage girl.

If The Opal Deception was the darkest book in the series, this one is the lightest. It’s not only because of the plot. The little demon is like an innocent child who doesn’t really understand what’s going on or why some things are happening.

I also think The Lost Colony is the weakest book in the series. I never felt that there was any real danger. Artemis and company were in danger, of course, but there was always a feeling of a perfect magical solution for the problem. It’s like one of those average episodes in tv series: OK, but nothing too special.