Disappeared - Anthony  Quinn Celcius Daly is the detective in this novel. Although he is from Northern Ireland, he had been working in Glasgow until some time before Disappeared starts. He is an outsider to all the events in recent History, as he doesn’t seem to have been involved in any, although we later learn that he was involved during his childhood. He just wants to solve the crime and is not scared of reopening older cases. This doesn’t get him many friends because there are many people who want to leave the investigation unfinished.

The book was good, but at some points I found it a bit confusing. I wasn’t really sure on which side some characters were. This is probably the idea; to confuse the reader because some people are not who they seem to be. I think my main problem was that although I had some basic knowledge of the History of Northern Ireland, there were some things that I had to look up to fully understand everything the characters were saying, so I may have missed or misunderstood something important at the beginning that would have made the reading much easier. Once some things start to clear up, everything is easier to understand.

The plot is very interesting and well thought. The disappearance of the Special Branch agent and the murder are linked in a way I hadn’t predicted to things that had happened years earlier and everything is more complicated than political ideas. Saying much about it would be revealing too many spoilers though.