Run To Ground

Run To Ground - Douglas P. Lyle The detective character, Dub Walker, is not as you may expect. For starters, he's a consultant and doesn't carry a gun. He's divorced but has a very good relationship with his ex-wife, a journalists who also helps with the cases. Their relationship is so good that most of the time you wouldn't know they are not married anymore. As a former Medicine student, he has medical training and knowledge that he still remembers. This helps him understand things related to wounds and cause of death quicker than his colleagues.

The whole run away plan of the Forsters is explained and some chapters are written from their point of view. This gives the readers a better understanding of their situation and makes the turning point much more surprising, because you, as a reader, think you know everything that is going on. The important thing is that more people than you know are hiding secrets. A case that at first seems easy (for the reader; not so much for the police who don't know the Fosters' point of view) becomes more and more complicated the more you read.

Something I liked about this novel is that several lab techniques and important concepts (like GSR) are described. It's good if you already know what they are and how and when they are used, but if you don't, that won't stop you from enjoying this novel, because you get a short but very understandable explanation.