Dead Beautiful

Dead Beautiful - Yvonne Woon I didn’t completely dislike this book, but the main character made me not like it as much as I might have otherwise. I did not think that there was much depth to her and she was a bit too much immature for my liking. In short, I found her to be quite annoying. After I read the synopsis of the book, I expected her to be more mature and responsible.

I also was expecting something different about the plot. It sounded awesome and the idea was good, but it somehow did not work for me. I was expecting something much, much creepier than the book actually is. Also, I found the romance part of the book to be rather unrealistic, which did not help me like the plot.

All in all, not a book that I regret spending time reading, but not one that I would recommend either.

2.5 stars actually

I got this book as a review copy via NetGalley.