Intangible - C.A. Gray For me, this book was one of those cases where the idea sounds great, but the actual book was not so much. I loved the premise and was very excited to read this book, because I’m a big fan of Arthurian legends. I’m sad to say that I was a bit disappointed, but maybe my expectations were too high.

I liked how imaginative the book was and how the Arthurian legend was used, but I didn’t like the characters so much. It’s not that they were exactly flat, but they felt somewhat undeveloped. After I finished the book, I couldn’t say that many things about them. Also, to me it looked like the “why” for some characters’ actions was sometimes missing or not explained that well.

In general, not a bad book, but on the lower part of YA (I mean the age part), so all the science is not as explained as in the more mature YA books. Not necessarily a bad thing, but something worth mentioning. Also, I am curious about how the series will develop. Who knows? Maybe I’ll like the series as a whole more than this individual book.

[I got this book as an ARC via NetGalley]