Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell Closer to 2,5 stars than 3.

The book was ok, but might have been four stars without the fanfiction. I didn't like it and even started skipping it at some point. It made sense when the main character was reading it out loud to a friend, but, while I have nothing against fanfiction, I found the story that Cath writes boring.

I didn't dislike the main character, but I didn't like her either. It seemed to me that she was creating problems where there were none and was behaving like a young teenager instead of an eighteen year old. She feels that she can't eat in the dining hall because she wants to eat alone. It may be a small cultural difference, but I don't see why she can't eat alone in the dining hall. Even if she didn't want to ask anyone where the dining hall was, she could have followed people or looked for signs. She was too lost and too naïve for her age, especially because she is a person who has had to take care of a lot of things since her mother left.