El último deseo (La Saga de Geralt de Rivia, #1)

El último deseo (La Saga de Geralt de Rivia, #1) - José María Faraldo, Andrzej Sapkowski Reseña más extensa y en español próximamente.

Longer review soon.

Somewhere between 2,5 and 3 stars.

This book was ok, but nothing special. I hope that I like the main series more. This one was just a couple of short stories, that weren't even in chronological order. I got the impression that it would have been a better book to read after you've read the main series and know who all these people are. I don't mean to imply that it's confusing, because this is not the case. However, knowing more about the characters would have made reading this book much more enjoyable.

About the stories, some where better than others, but considering them all together, they were ok.

I may go back to this review and change a few things once I've started reading the main series and can put these stories in a bigger context.