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I love mysteries/thrillers, fantasy and science fiction. It's pretty much all I read. My reviews will be in English and Spanish, even though they may only appear in one language at first.

Dile a Marie que la quiero (Spanish Edition) - Jacinto Rey

Review soon, probably this afternoon.

El último trabajo del señor Luna - César Mallorquí

The main character is supposed to be a gifted kid, but he doesn't apply this intelligence to anything other than maths and music. The amount of trouble he gets in without thinking of leaving anyone a note explaining where he's going to go is ridiculous. He has an idea at the end, which then solves a big part of the plot, but I was surprised that it actually worked. Clearly, the people he tricked have the memory of a fish because he wouldn't have been successful otherwise. His friends, also gifted, aren't any better. As a side note, I can't believe that none of them figured out the riddle.


The plot was very uncomplicated and everything is obvious from the beginning. After reading the synopsis, I was expecting more action or at least more mystery. I know it's YA, but the synopsis suggests that it is a thriller and it has a sniper on the cover. My main issue with the plot is that it disappointed me a lot, but I probably would have considered it ok if I had had different expectations. This is why I gave it 2,5 stars instead of just two.

Mort Blanche

Mort Blanche - Caroline Terrée 3,5 stars.

Even though the case is nothing special (no gory murders or strange kidnappings), the plot keeps you wanting to keep reading until you reach the end. Everything seems to be an sad accident, but we soon start to see that there's more to this situation than that. Without revealing any spoilers, I found the whole plot, especially the ending, to be quite realistic, except for how fast everything was solved. Also, there's a very convenient plot twist towards the end, without which the investigation would have taken many more days. This was the only thing that truly disappointed me. Maybe if the team had found that vital clue in some other way, everything would have appeared to be less perfect.

We don't see much character development in this book. The main characters (the team memebers) are already known and the rest (case-specific characters) are rather flat. To be honest, this is a case where having round secondary characters is not necessary. Their past is not important; only their present matters. Unfortunately, lack of character development means that nothing more about the main character is revealed. For those who haven't read the first three books, Kate is someone who has a mysterious past.

Even though it's a YA book (or at least it seemed to be a YA book to me, maybe because the three books that have been translated into Spanish were publised as YA), all the characters are adult and the case is definitely aimed at all audiences. Also, even if French is not your first language, it's very easy to follow what's going on. The one good thing about there only being three books in Spanish is that it forces me to practise French if I want to read the rest of the series.

Phoenix (Cuatro Almas, #4)

Phoenix (Cuatro Almas, #4) - Eden Maguire The end of Phoenix's mystery was ok, but I wonder what happened to Iceman. There is no mention of his body being found, but he leaves at the same time as Phoenix. It is either an amazing coincidence or he was somehow allowed to stay longer. It is never explained.

This is not the only weird thing in this book. Hunter's name is different. Hunter was the man's last name in book three, where Darina learned his first name. In this book, however, Hunter is his first name.

Another thing that is not revealed is how Hunter could stay in the world of the living for more than a year. Also, are we supposed to understand that there are no more dead people in need of answers about their deaths? The first book gave the impression that Hunter had been doing that job for a long time. However, in this book, the place ends up empty with everybody having departed for the afterlife. Everything would have made much more sense if, for example, there had been some mention of the other ghosts relocating in order to avoid unwanted attention, now that Darina had helped all of her class mates.

Longer review soon.

Summer (Cuatro Almas, #3)

Summer (Cuatro Almas, #3) - Eden Maguire More interesting than the last one, although I find it a bit weird how nobody recognised the shooter. I can understand that the stress of the event made it difficult for people to remember the details, but when the main character goes back in time, she needs to take off the shooter's cap and glasses before she recognises him. And even then she's not sure, even though she is suspicious, until a bit later. She regularly sees him! She should have been able to know who he was or at least think that that young man reminded her of a certain someone.

I like the mystery and the premise of this series (the reason for giving it three stars instead of two), but some situations are completely ridiculous.

Longer review soon.

Detektiv Conan 3

Detektiv Conan 3 - Gosho Aoyama The cases of this volume were obvious and really easy to solve, especially the last one.

Longer review soon.

Arizona (Cuatro Almas, #2)

Arizona (Cuatro Almas, #2) - Eden Maguire Better than the last one. The mystery was more complicated and there were many secrets to be uncovered.

Longer review soon.

Jonas (Cuatro Almas, #1)

Jonas (Cuatro Almas, #1) - Eden Maguire If I think about it, this book was nothing special, but the plot is interesting enough that I read it in one sitting. It's a really fast read: I read it in a couple of hours and it was late at night.

I loved the premise of dead people having some unfinished business that they have to solve (the events surrounding their deaths). The only thing I found a bit weird is Hunter's time as an undead. All the other "ghosts" only have one year to be part of the world of the living. Hunter, however, has spent a lot more time than that there.

This is the kind of book to read when you have exams. Interesting plot, but not overly complicated, and you can cover a lot of ground in a short time. Not recommended for long plane/train/car trips though, unless you take the whole series with you.

Longer review soon.

El maestro oscuro

El maestro oscuro - César Mallorquí Review soon.

El destello

El destello - James Dashner, Noemí Risco Mateo So much better than The Maze Runner series. Both the plot and the lack of weird slang make this book much more mature than the main trilogy.

Longer review soon.

Detektiv Conan, Band 1

Detektiv Conan, Band 1 - Gosho Aoyama I love this series!

Detektiv Conan 2

Detektiv Conan 2 - Gosho Aoyama The cases weren't as great as the ones in the first omnibus, but still ok.

13 Little Blue Envelopes

13 Little Blue Envelopes - Maureen Johnson 1,5 stars. The ,5 is for making me laugh.

Review soon.

Royally Lost

Royally Lost - Angie Stanton I was reading this for the Popsugar Challenge (a book set in Europe), but decided to DNF it.

I may write a longer review one day, but here are two status updates that show what I thought of what I read of the book:

Update 1:
Becca is very obviously an Idiot. With a capital I. She has the chance to visit another continent, which is an amazing chance for anyone with a brain, but she keeps complaining about Europe instead. She doesn't like that she is being shown old places, complains about every little thing her parents do and behaves like a spoiled twelve-year-old instead of a high school graduate.

Update 2:
What does Nikolai see in her? She's a walking stereotype of a blonde American girl.

Newest complain: historical things in a museum. Seriously? Not everybody likes old dishes, but you don't have to find them interesting to recognise their value.

And, Becca, there are many modern things in Europe. Where do you think people's clothes, phones, etc come from?

Also, how did Becca finish high school?

La cura mortal (El corredor del laberinto, #3)

La cura mortal (El corredor del laberinto, #3) - James Dashner 2,5 stars.

This book was a really disappointing ending to a series that had started rather well. I hope that the two prequels will answer all the questions and mysteries that were never solved in this book because I was as interested in the backstory as I was in the Gladers' story. Only the latter is solved and even then their past is left out. The plot isn't bad, but it is in general very predictable and there's only one part that can be consiered a plot twist.

Also, the characters were very different compared to the first book. I can see why Thomas, Minho and Newt wouldn't trust WICKED to return their memories without changing anything, but all that knowledge would have been very useful for them. They never even try to truly find out what the others know. Considering how much time they had spent trying to undestand the maze, it seems a bit strange that they're suddenly not interested in inside knowledge.

Not all was bad though. I actually liked how the book (and the series) ended. It was really good, as it is closed and open at the same time. If you liked the other two books, I would recommend you to read this one too. Just don't expect too much until the last few chapters.


Cenizas - Ilsa J. Bick 3,5 stars.

Even though it did disappoint me at first, the book improved after about 150 pages. Some of the mysteries were a bit predictable and it's obvious that there's more going on in Rule than everybody is saying, but the ending is a great plot twist. I had considered that possibility, so it wasn't a complete surprise, but I wonder how the small village fits within a world-wide plot.

All in all an ok book. I'm glad that I didn't DNF it and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the story.

Longer review soon.

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